Sticking Pennies in the Power Points.   Posted by cruinne.Group: 0
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Sat 7 May 2005
at 22:20
Sticking Pennies in the Power Points
Behold, brave RPoLians, the charred remains of those who had no sense of self preservation.
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Sat 7 May 2005
at 23:06
multiple accounts -- permanently banned
Buffy Gellar
Emma Riddle
Dawn Lupin
Draco Lestrange
Karen Snape
Lady Voldia

  • running an incest game
  • offensively argumentative when asked to stop
  • claimed to be 10 different adults
  • accused the site admin of nearly causing a miscarriage
  • accused moderators of picking on a kid in a wheelchair
  • annoyed other GMs by "swarming" into games then being disruptive
  • epic levels of sock puppeting in forum discussions

Favorite Quotes
"Personally don't care for the admin who did it. Because of him my wife might lose our baby."

"All right it's one person geez."

2014-August-01: Lady Voldia, PyraBlack, and Emma Riddle added to the list for returning to previous problematic behaviors.

2014-November-10: added bigbadvoodoo and VengefulMother to the above list.

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Mon 9 May 2005
at 16:16
Ziasuke/novaxx1 -- banned
  • Running and joining adult games though both are underage.
  • Warned to never visit the adult forums again for any reason, period.
  • Over a month later, both GMing an adult game with it on their sticky lists.

Favorite Quotes:
"Sorry, but I'm not sure what the age limit is here. Although I am sure we are too young."

"... it is part of our past actions to do so as to reframe from doing adult things in our actual lives."

[...a month after being told to stay out of the adult forums...]

"Let me guess I was banned because I bumped a game that was not to be bumped by a minor? But can you give a bit of warning next time."

"I should not have been banned for something I had no control of. ... And your staff has to be alot nicer to people that couldn't control what was happening."

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Mon 9 May 2005
at 16:28
viper - public forum ban
  • spammed public forums with nonsense and abuse.
  • created games just to add users and mods then harass them with obscenities.
  • returned after temporary bans to repeat the same behavior.

Favorite Quotes:
"it is back!!!!!!!!!!!IT LIVES Muhahahahahahahah nananananan i win nananananan you lose nanananananana i win nanananananana you lose!"

"ban me beotch"

Update:  04 January 2006
Continued problems which result in moderators having to clean up after viper have caused a permanent account ban from the site.  You may also know this user as:

    bloodnight          Blueflame1319
    Bruins1317          Captain Charisma
    cheerfreak97        chocolotcrzy1393
    corvete             corvette
    cutie1393           dancechika
    Kabarakh            Miss_Perfect
    misspiggy           Rosebabi94
    sour_skittles1393   sparke

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Sat 14 May 2005
at 03:58
multiple accounts - banned

  • minor accessing adult games.
  • failed to remove adult games from sticky list despite warning.
  • created multiple accounts to continue applying to adult games.

Favorite Quotes:
[after first warning] "Understood."

[after third account banned] "I demand to know why I was banned"

User Zatrax has been reinstated, now that he is of legal age.

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Fri 17 Jun 2005
at 18:26
multiple accounts - banned

  • when confronted, denied having multiple accounts, but turned in his "friend" who had two accounts.
  • "friend" sent an abusive email, just to prove he's a bad guy.
  • user left his "from" name the same in all three emails from all three accounts, however.
  • though all three RPoL accounts have the same password and continued to log in, he then tried to claim that he only made the additional accounts because he'd lost the password to his other two.

Favorite Quotes
"why would you do that i say him log into two acount's"

"fruit-tart you apple-pie delete me you apple-pie and give my game's to someone else you cherry-cobbler sucking whortleberry"

"the only reason i have three acount's is bcause i forgot my password for rats then i made terminator and then i forgot that one then i made seregi  but yo can delete sergei but i need rats and terminator"

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Wed 29 Jun 2005
at 13:07
multiple accounts - banned
pheobe              dinosaurs           phsycho chihuaha
dinosaur            jennia              tokichuro
Nun                 ShadowOfDoubt       devilz
Sanitarium          Tech N9ne           Tech Nine
jazz-bone           ~super~hot~babe~    assassin04
DragonSlayer_2K4    Amnesia2x           beefy
Vicky669            dollyface89         maxane
Dakota              Vincent             irishbabe
Aramil_Silverwind   sam_198             makilla
Tokichuro           Catt

  • Emailed about multiple account concerns, as well as indications of underage users accessing adult games.
  • All accounts listed either did not reply to the email, or were registered to bogus email addresses.

Favorite Quote
From the mail daemon: "Sorry, this user doesn't have an account."
 GM, 10 posts
Fri 16 Sep 2005
at 16:24
multiple account - banned

  • Been using bevmaster in addition to another account for more than one year.
  • Though underage, joined an Adult game.

Favorite Quote
[when asked to explain] "Not meaning to be rude but ..."
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Sun 18 Sep 2005
at 02:13
multiple accounts - banned

  • Problem users with issues such as:
    • being underage and running adult games
    • being underage and joining adult games
    • being underage and advertising for offsite adult games
    • running and participating in games which violate RPoL's TOU
    • failing to follow Moderator instructions

 GM, 12 posts
Mon 19 Sep 2005
at 14:49
TOU Violations - permanently banned
Paste Pot Pete

  • Running games which violate RPoL's TOU.
  • Failing to follow Moderator instructions.