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Sun 14 Jul 2019
at 01:16
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Why do drivers think that when I put a turn signal on to change lanes that is a great time to suddenly accelerate and try and pass me on the side I am turning.

Farging iceholes I'm in front of you! I am going faster than you! This isn't a race you bass tartlets. Hanging out in my blindspot as we suddenly drag race down the highway is not the point of driving and if I just follow through and cut over, if my car hits you, you're going to be farging liable because you're behind me.

If someone ahead of you signals to switch lanes and you're not about to pass them that very second you slow the farg down and let them in.

(all credit to Johnny Dangerously for the creative writing)

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Sat 7 Dec 2019
at 09:59
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Y'know...I wasn't going to do this tonight...but where it's past 2:30 AM and I'm STILL at the movie theater on a night I don't normally go in at all...

So, backstory, just to get you up to speed.  I work at a discount theater, I'm the guy who downloads all the hard drives into our servers, and takes the schedule they prepare and programs it into the system so everything runs automatically and the managers, hopefully, never need to come upstairs between opening and closing.  For the past...oh, two months and change, we had a weird software glitch pop up, and we couldn't download any new trailers, at all...every time we tried, we'd get an error message that popped up.  It didn't affect any of our movie drives, just the ones with the trailers.  And, being a discount theater, it was no big deal...I mean, we're just starting to show stuff that came out in early October, so not getting the latest movie trailers for a few weeks wasn't a problem for anyone besides me, and for me, it was just an inconvenience.  But I got ahold of the dealer for our projection gear and let them know it was a problem...

And nothing happened.  A couple of weeks went by, and I contacted them again.  "Oh, crap...I forgot you had told us about that.  I should be able to get up there sometime this week and take care of it, I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem."  Well...nobody showed up, still a problem the next week.  And the week after that.

Got a text this morning that they had been in, the problem should be I said I'd come in to check on it.  And it turns out, the problem is only KIND OF solved.  Yes, I can now download stuff off the movie trailer drives...but if I try to do more than one trailer at a time, the server freaks out a little bit and starts failing downloads on me (actually rebooted on me earlier this evening.  Luckily, it can do that while movies are running without screwing up the playback...)  So, I'm sitting here, downloading EACH AND EVERY trailer that we've missed for the past two months, one at a time.  And I'd be done, but I've also been trying to do a little props shopping for a show I'm I get sucked down the rabbit hole of eBay or Amazon for a few minutes, and then realize, "Oh, yeah!  Next trailer, come on, stick with the program here!"  I'm going on six hours, which included the trial and error time of finding out that I couldn't just go through and select all the trailers, like normal (because I did it twice and only got a handful of trailers each then I tried just doing five at a time, and only got the first one...)  Plus, I have rehearsal in the morning...

I kinda want to slap the service tech.  I mean, I even left the drive available so he could test it out once he fixed it.  He put it in the machine, made sure it could read the drive, apparently (which it was doing before...)  But he didn't try downloading anything from the drive, or else he would have discovered that there's still a problem.

I LOVE it when my job is complicated by someone else doing shoddy work on their job.  I mean, it's job security...I've been told repeatedly that I could just about burn down the theater and I'd still have a job, simply because nobody else wants to do what I'm doing, but I actually kind of enjoy it, most of the time.  Nights like tonight?  Not so much...I'm running on sheer bull-headedness right now...I'm gonna get these stupid trailers into the system if it keeps me awake all night...
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Mon 23 Dec 2019
at 08:24
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Sat 22 Feb 2020
at 01:29
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Freakin' scammers...

I spent an hour and a half bouncing messages back and forth with a guy I barely even know who wanted to send me money to go buy him some gift cards from Walmart.  Initially, he said it was urgent...when I told him it would be at LEAST 2 hours before I could get there, he said 'Okay...'  At that point, I started pushing for answers, because his reaction didn't sound very urgent to me...

By the time I got all the details, it had turned into buying $400 worth of eBay gift cards, in $50 denominations, which he was going to send to the "Community Social Help Commission" in New York to pay for the delivery of a prize they said he'd won.  The next half hour was spent trying to explain that said Commission doesn't even exist, according to Google; that legitimate places do NOT ask for eBay gift cards as payment; that, if the offer was legitimate, there is no reason they would charge him a delivery fee when they could simply deduct any expense from his prize; and finally, there was no way in whatever Infernal region you care to reference that I was going to help him flush $400 down the toilet.  And he still sounds like he's determined to do it.

I mean, scamming ANYONE is bad enough...but if you're gonna go that route, develop at least some minuscule modicum of decency and rip off people who can afford it.  This guy's got next to nothing...

UPDATE:  Turns out it was not him that I was bouncing messages with.  Someone apparently got the password to his FB account and hit up a LOT of people with the offer.  So, I despise the scammers even more, but at least I feel better about the guy in question.

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Thu 27 Feb 2020
at 02:43
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
And....again, I have to explain to people who make three times as much money at their job than me, who have 1/3 my education and nothing near my experience, that WATER, yes, the wet stuff, freezes when it gets cold.  Every year, about this time, where we are located on the planet Earth, water freezes when it is winter.  Yet this is a shock to them, every year.  And to top it off, the same people are 'supervising' me.
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Sat 29 Feb 2020
at 12:47
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Sat 28 Mar 2020
at 01:59
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Anyone wanna chat?
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Sat 28 Mar 2020
at 03:18
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I really hate when stupid companies do mean, nasty things just to pinch some cents from their employees just for the very sake of it! The little that they earn this way will never compensate the big self harm they do by upsetting and demotivating their most loyal and value producing employees! This will only help the hateful careers of some despicable corporate climber hidden in some central corporate office, that can claim s/he earnt the company so much money with that mean action...
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Mon 30 Mar 2020
at 02:25
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Sometimes I feel I am more like a collection of scar tissue than a person.
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Sat 18 Apr 2020
at 01:30
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I can't delete an account because, at some point, they confuse my free plan (that came from before they acquired the initial website) for something that should be treating like an auto-renew billing contract.
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Tue 28 Apr 2020
at 07:21
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Take a break from this site for several years. Ahhh the memories

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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 05:30
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
These are definitely First World problems...but man, they're starting to stack up.  Had the water shut off in one of the buildings I work in at my primary job because a drain pipe that runs RIGHT under the center of the stage collapsed, and right now their solution is to keep a sump pump down there running and turn off the timetable for when they're going to fix it.

That happened last week.  Today, the water heater in the other building I work in decided that it had reached the end of its useful life...I walked into the laundry room, turned on the lights...and noticed that half the floor had standing water on it. I nursed it along through two loads of laundry, then shut off the water and the power to it (it's an electric model, not gas) and drained it.  Between what had initially leaked out and what I had to keep mopping up while doing the laundry, I soaked up 15 gallons of water, with a string mop...

I don't want to know what's next.  Hopefully, nothing, because this year's already been weird enough...
Harley Quinn
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Fri 3 Jul 2020
at 01:10
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
You know how when you go to delete a game here you have to check off ďI have given all my players due notice.ď?

There is a certain GM (I wonít publicly shame him) on this site that just deletes without any notification. Didnít post a message about it, didnít PM, didnít rmail, nothing.
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Mon 27 Jul 2020
at 05:12
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
THAT company really messed my life!
I had four to choose from and you never know what would happen if I picked another, but I really think they deceived me during interviews! They should have told me what they were like when I asked, interviews are two way exercises and both the candidate and the company are really supposed to tell the truth!
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Thu 30 Jul 2020
at 02:56
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
Had my cousins GF staying with us for a few days...turned into weeks which turned into months!!!  Didnít chip in for a drawn thing!  Then said I HAD TOO MANY RULES as she left!!!

Good riddance!!!
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Sun 9 Aug 2020
at 22:39
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I'm just trying to hang onto this wretched job for a few more years.  I really didn't think I'd be at a supposedly professional establishment that somehow, despite having three bosses 'in charge' of scheduling, there's no schedule for me or the other nine flunkies.  No rise in pay since 2018 yet plenty of extra work to be done; only every other weekend off and no overtime, ever, no matter what, yet plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth should work not be completed as the bosses expect.  I'm not living, I'm existing like a beast of burden.  And now, long after the Covid-19 has washed over the area we are in, we are given active-viral tests every two weeks, symptoms or not.  I'm too old to find another job, and too broken to be able to get one anyway, but they seem determined to drive me into the ground.  And then, to top it off, the boss who had been told, in writing, that a piece of equipment was broken three months ago and this boss never ordered replacement parts, this boss decides it must be MY fault...
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Mon 10 Aug 2020
at 10:01
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I can't express my sadness, loss, and overwhelming shame. I feel like I was asking for a chance to be something more, than I am IRL, to be powerful, able, and important. Instead, through my characters I was made to feel worse. Stupid, impotent and trivial.

I really wish I hadn't started this, but I did. I feel so lost, asking for direction, but only receiving a bitter lesson time and time again. I feel like Samwise in Mordor, only to realize I'm just half way. I still need to find my way home, and I don't...
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Tue 11 Aug 2020
at 03:50
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
First time that I met a High Maintenance GM. Something you just need to walk away after they remove the entire party from the game.
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Tue 11 Aug 2020
at 03:59
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
My wife's exhusband.  All the stuff he has done, lies he has spread, the gaslighting if their daughter, accusations he has made against me, my sons, my nephews.  He is so lucky I am not ready to go to prison.  Yet.
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Thu 13 Aug 2020
at 20:49
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Fri 21 Aug 2020
at 20:02
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Can't sleep. Always working. Kids never listen to me and are constantly demanding things. They're little, so that part's okay.

I'm new here, so also going to try and play with the forum tags.


Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Spoiler text goes in here... simple enough, I guess.

Teletype what is this then?
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Thu 3 Sep 2020
at 06:52
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
I haven't come home from work this frustrated in years...and it's not necessarily any single thing, more like a series of little things that got massively compounded by a couple of big things tonight...

Without going into too much detail, I come from a background where if you've been told, "This is what we have to work with", you figure out how to do the job within those limitations.  We have a contractor who just never seems to get that.  We're in the middle of a project he's part of...he sent us plans for his part only a couple of days before we were supposed to start working on it.  Some of the equipment he wanted to 7se is no longer in good operational he revised his plans to adjust for that.  I'm one of three guys working on this project...but I was never sent any of the paperwork for it.  He decided that he's borrowing equipment from another area that isn't using it (Covid considerations...), so we're not only having to put together his part of the project, we're having to dismantle another project so we can put his together...

And we figured we were on top of it.  We'd put everything together, his list was finished, we were moving on to the rest of the project...until tonight he announced that he wants to take another nine pieces of hardware from the dismantled project.  At this point, the space we're working in is starting to get stretched a bit thin...with everything else that's there, I'm starting to worry whether we've even got open outlets we can use for his new additions.  On top of that, for the last two days, I've had to borrow a boom lift from another department, drive it to where we need it (and the stupid thing has, basically, two speeds...Dead Slow and Frozen Molasses, so that's a time-consuming endeavor) to have it sit, unused, for several hours before I use it for two to five minutes and then drive it back...the round trip wastes at least half an hour of my day, and much more if Security is busy and can't come unlock gates for me.

And then, tonight, he tries to sound magnanimous about it..."I know you're working on a lot of other stuff, I don't want you to worry about this..."  Yeah, well,  WAAAY too late for that, because I'm the guy that's probably going to end up doing most of it, even though you say you want me to focus on the other stuff.  There's three of us there that can do what you're talking of us is a contractor and already has a regular job before he comes to work with us (and he's in Vegas right now because of it), the other two of us have significant lists of projects that have to be done before his project becomes relevant.  I was going to spend today working on one of them and ended up constantly getting pulled into working on other stuff when am I supposed to get back to your new additions to your project?

You're the one with the big reputation...figure out how to do th he job with the tools on hand!  I can think of a dozen people who could make it happen without having to steal other equipment and massively revise plans...
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Thu 3 Sep 2020
at 11:49
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

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Tue 8 Sep 2020
at 20:15
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Watching a game commit a weird form of self destruction:  resolving the issue tearing the players apart is a simple matter, but they all put Role Playing first and of course actually resolving the issue "isn't in character".  They don't want to end it, they just don't want to bend to keep things going.
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Tue 8 Sep 2020
at 22:48
Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies
So bad when you find after some time that somebody that you really trusted lied to you!!!