shadow huntress
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Fri 31 Oct 2014
at 10:55
Re: Moving.
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Fri 31 Oct 2014
at 11:26
Re: Moving.
Work, need I say more? Inspections suck.

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Sat 1 Nov 2014
at 10:22
Whatever happened to common courtesy?
Okay, I understand, the photographer backed out.  It's Halloween, probably a busy time for him, certainly a busy time for you...but it's also a busy time for me.  Sending me a Facebook message to tell me about the cancellation was a nice token gesture...but considering that I told you--repeatedly--that I don't have Facebook on my phone and if you needed to get in touch with me during the day, you should call or text me, I really feel like you don't value my time much at all.

Yes, I did end up getting a lot more done at work because I didn't have to leave in the middle of the afternoon to do two hours of makeup...but I'd pretty much built my entire day's schedule--and, to some extent, my entire weekend, as well--around that appointment, and spending four hours waiting for some call or text or anything at all from you to inform me that you were home from work and ready...or that we weren't doing this thing today, after all...did NOT do good things for my mood.  Going to dinner and my friend's party brightened things up a lot, but coming back to my laptop after all of that was over and finding a seventeen-hour-old message in the same discussion thread where I sent you my phone number with a 'call/text me during the day, I can't access FB when I'm at work' explanation (only a few messages above the cancellation!) really kind put the edge back on the annoyance.
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Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 06:00
Re: Whatever happened to common courtesy?
Not my favorite way to start the holiday season...

Found out that the mother of one of my best friends...a woman I've known for over 20 years who's been like an aunt to me...had a severe stroke Sunday night or early Monday morning (she was fine when she went to bed, her husband couldn't wake her up on Monday).

Basically, the left side of her brain is measurable brain activity detected.  The doctors give her 3-5 days to live.

The good news is, she doesn't seem to be in any pain.  Of course, I'm not even sure she's lucid enough to let anyone know, if she was.
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Wed 19 Nov 2014
at 09:28
Re: Whatever happened to common courtesy?

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 The Doctor.
Fri 21 Nov 2014
at 12:36
Lost my stethoscope. It's been with me for 10 years. Feels like a part of me is missing. :(
Evil Empryss
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Fri 21 Nov 2014
at 21:00
Re: ehh.
I have discovered that boredom makes pain just that much less tolerable.
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Sat 13 Dec 2014
at 06:19
So much for happy holidays...
Got a text from my brother this afternoon.  His stepson committed suicide today.  One of my best friends lost her mother (a woman I've known for close to 25 years) to a stroke at Thanksgiving.

1997 was a bad dad died right before Father's Day.  2014 is working really hard at replacing it as 'darkest year of my life'...
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Fri 19 Dec 2014
at 19:16
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Soooo frustrated as my husband is working 14-15 hour shifts because his idiot boss told three of his co-workers that they could go work for a different company temporarily....which made it so that Dh and the only other guy who remained to pick up the slack. So he is doing his job and the job of the rest of the crew that left....his boss is a idiot! He was supposed to only have a 2 hour shift today and then work a 10- hour shift tonight, but he just sent me a txt saying he has to work longer and does not know when he will be home now. I knew it!!! I even told him before he left that his boss was going to pull this strudel but he swore that it wouldn't happen. Ugh! Sooooo stressed!!!! and the kicker is that even if he works all these extra hours he won't get paid more because he is salary and even with being salary isn't making much.

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Sat 31 Jan 2015
at 18:45
Re: So much for happy holidays...
It sucks being stuck in an Eagles song, even if it is a good one.
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Tue 3 Feb 2015
at 20:43
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Its rather funny but also annoying to be asked to be removed from such an inactive game, politely just because I thought the game was inactive. Next thing I know I come back on to see a rude comment, childish if that from the GM in the OOC. Just rude GMs do give me a headache, but that's my opinion and it infuriates me nonetheless.

Oh well, life must go on :)
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Wed 4 Feb 2015
at 23:33
Re: So much for happy holidays...
I am so sick and tired of winter.  As if the 43+ inches of snow in the last two weeks wasn't bad enough, now we're going to get another 6 inches by tomorrow morning, and another storm this weekend.  Ugh!  This stuff will be around until June at this rate :P
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Thu 5 Feb 2015
at 08:44
Re: So much for happy holidays...
I am losing confidence in one of my GMs too run my favorite setting in any but its most base form.  The setting deserves to be taken far more seriously than it gets credit for, almost always.

Among a myriad of other issues I'm having, I really lost confidence when he made an OOC post celebrating his mockery of a total noob at a local store.

PARANOIA players all over, please realize that not inviting folks to participate, and making them feel like appleholes for not understanding the nuances of a system that you can't reasonably expect them to understand on 0 experience with it doesn't make you clever. If you like said system you should be a good ambassador for it. Allen says be inviting. Don't be a figstick.

"I brought potato chips!" ZAPZAPZAP! (IC character death)

"So I roll against habitat engineering, is that right?" ZAPZAPZAP! (IC Character death followed by rounds of mocking laughter)

[Any reasonable new player question?] "IMPERFECTLY PHRASED!" ZAPZAPZAP! (IC character death)

Little wonder noone wants to play with us and our game is mostly a joke to others. Let's change that and be good representatives of our system. ZAPZAPZAP has its place, (has 10,000+ places in fact) but the first time someone asks "What's B3?" in genuine earnestness is not one of those times. The guy genuinely doesn't know. This is supposed to be a fun and poignant diversion, not an an exercise in dorktastic exclusivism. Just tell him what it is, for Pete's sake! If he asks again 3 sessions from now? That's the time for ZAPZAPZAP.

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Sat 7 Feb 2015
at 22:44
Re: So much for happy holidays...
The cat got into the fish dinner tonight.
shady joker
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Sat 7 Feb 2015
at 23:14
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Kissanme's link for episode 22 of space battleship Yamato is broken.
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Tue 10 Feb 2015
at 23:16
Re: So much for happy holidays...
So frustrated, just re-installed my laptops new hard drive and then I installed the new operating system which won't work....ugh!!!! I am ready to chuck the stupid thing out a window at this point. I haven't been able to use it since before christmas and HP is a joke as far as I am concerned since I can never reach any actual person to talk to....Argh! Hate hate hate hate hate stupid computers.
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Fri 13 Feb 2015
at 20:44
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Ordered The Land Before Time.

Got The Land Before Time X.

Seller's response: What's the difference?
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Sat 14 Feb 2015
at 04:09
Re: So much for happy holidays...

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Sun 15 Feb 2015
at 01:31
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Th8nk this is the most i have regretted moving to Canada since I got here.
girl in green
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Sun 15 Feb 2015
at 05:45
Re: So much for happy holidays...
I'm getting my first taste of group projects in college. It sure is fun doing an assignment intended for eight people with two instead because everyone else is a bunch of no-shows and/or procrastinators. C'mon, guys. Is it that hard to show a token amount of respect for your group members and at least PRETEND to care about our final grade? :c
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Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 07:42
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Acid reflux.

'Nuff said...
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Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 17:13
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Shingles.  In my 40s.
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Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 17:47
Re: So much for happy holidays...

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Thu 19 Feb 2015
at 09:11
Re: So much for happy holidays...
While I'm here and thinking about it...

I've asked three girls out in the past two weeks.  One, I've seen once in, like, the last decade and a half, the other two, I see relatively often but generally end up conversing with more on Facebook than anywhere else.

The one I haven't seen in ages said no...but explained why (she's working on three shows this semester, AND in school full-time, AND working close to full-time, plus she's got a daughter at home that she likes to spend as much time with as possible).  I can appreciate that...

The other two?  The ones that I am more acquainted with?  Haven't even bothered responding to the invitation (since I converse with them most of the time on Facebook, that's where I asked them out...)  One of them lost her phone a while ago, and I'm not even sure if she still has the same number now that she got the replacement (I would assume so, but who knows?)  And, on top of that, she was also going to help me with the makeup for a show I've got coming up in a couple of I asked her if she was still on board for that.  She hasn't answered that, either.  The other one, I sent a follow-up text to, since the first thing I'd asked her out to had come and gone already...the only response I got from the text was a very curt 'Who is this?' (She should have my number, we've called and texted each other in the past when I helped her out with a couple of projects...)  When I answered (because, who knows, she may have lost her phone, as well, and didn't get all her contacts back when she replaced it...that seems to happen to several of my friends on a semi-regular basis), I got a resounding silence in reply.

This would bug me enough, on its own, but it's a reminder of a painful chapter in my past...where I dated a girl for a few weeks, and then seemingly became completely non-existent in her world for a few more weeks (she never returned phone calls or messages, the one time I stopped by on my way to campus she wasn't home--according to her roommates--and the time I bumped into her in town, she looked right past me like I wasn't even there.)  When she DID finally deign to acknowledge the fact that I did exist, it was to show me her new engagement ring...apparently, she dated me just long enough to panic her ex-boyfriend into getting over his fear of commitment and proposing to her, I learned later.

And people wonder why I'm still single...experiences like this do not create much faith in the dating process.
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Sun 22 Feb 2015
at 17:32
Re: So much for happy holidays...
Dh worked last night so he would be able to take today off for our son's birthday....he just got a phone call saying they need him to come in....SERIOUSLY!!!!! I am going to freak out if he is late as he worked all night last night to make sure that he wasn't called in but his IDIOT co-worker didn't get the message and now he is gone for a hour to go pick something up for work and I am ready to kill something if he is late for his son's birthday. I have booked a room at the aquatic center and he took the car with the car seats and I don't have my license. We will just get there in time to get everything.