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Fri 25 Sep 2020
at 15:55
RIP Joeseph "Animal" Laurinaitis
Just want to take time to honor a true legend in Professional Wrestling. One half of one of the greatest tag teams in Wrestling along with fellow member the late Hawk. I recall a painting I did of the two winning one of numerous PWI tag team of the year awards. You will be missed may you rest in peace. Ohhh What a Russssh
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Sat 26 Sep 2020
at 02:10
RIP Joeseph "Animal" Laurinaitis
So I'm a big wrasslin' fan and its funny because when I first saw them I wrote them off as a gimmick "flavor of the month" you see pop up here and there. The obvious tie-in to the Mad Max movie I figured would leave them so dated. I cannot count how many other "gimmick" tie-ins popped up and disappeared almost immediately. Anyone remember Glacier, the Mortal Kombat  wrestler? or there was a wrestler based off of a character on Cape Fear. Heck Dusty Rhodes had an awful gimmick based off of the movie Dark City...

Anyway it was always to my surprise that not only did the Road Warriors/LOD establish themselves but their history goes a lot farther back then I thought and it lasted a lot longer than a rip off of a 1981 movie should have gotten them.

Their first match was in 1983 and their last match was in 2003. A twenty year history traveling around the globe that rightly earned them a spot in the Hall of Fame.

I will point out that tragedy that so many of the wrestlers from the 80s and 90s are dying before their time. Animal was only 60 when he passed away of natural causes and he was a major part of a lawsuit against the WWE over allegations of CTE.

The wrestling might have been fixed but the pain and the injuries and the blood, sweat, and tears poured onto the mat were all too real.

The Road Warriors are now joined in the wrestlemania in the sky and their legacy and impact will live on as legends in the sport for all time.