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 member, 134 posts
Sat 22 Feb 2020
at 19:37
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
London, beneath the veneer of mundanity there is a second city and Undercity. In Under London there are far stranger and more frightening things. In suburban basements, secretive cults worship old, alien gods, offering sacrifices of spilled blood and burned banknotes. Strange creatures live in the sewers and catacombs and Tube tunnels, things that look human at first glance but behave in profoundly odd ways and display weird and unnatural powers.

Driven men and women conduct research into the occult, unlocking the forbidden powers of the arcane and hiding their experimentation from the authorities. University libraries contain books kept under lock and key, so that only the most trusted scholars are allowed to study them, for fear of releasing things humanity is better off ignorant of. In the penthouse apartments of business-district tower blocks, the wealthy traffic in things best left alone to scrape whatever advantage they can over their rivals.

In this world, the supernatural is frighteningly real. It is an old and unpredictable force, a harbinger of madness and death and widespread destruction. Magic corrupts and inhuman beings prey upon humanity.
The mundane authorities are well aware of this. Considering the massive damage that can be done by a magical mishap, how could they not be?

Knowledge of the supernatural is suppressed, trading in magical supplies proscribed, and esoteric organisations frequently investigated and prosecuted. The British law enforcement agencies deal with occult crimes at least tangentially, and as rumors go have a whole department, the dreaded MI11, dedicated to keeping the supernatural under control.

The occult underground is live and strong, where the authority iron fist tries to choke the life of the magical trade there is room for a new type of professional. Small enough to fit the cracks, unimportant enough to be expendables you are an Undercity professional gather your crew or work solo to claw some piece of heaven in this dark corrupted city.

Undercity Professionals is an OSR game based on Esoteric Enterprises by Emmy Allen set in modern time London. The game use a partial black box approach where the majority of the mechanic is hidden from the players in order to better focus on the game fiction.

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 member, 135 posts
Sun 1 Mar 2020
at 16:23
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
The search continues for more professionals to tackle Under London.
 member, 3 posts
Mon 2 Mar 2020
at 03:43
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
In reply to csroy (msg # 2):

Not familiar with the game in the slightest but I'm down with the setting. Count me in!
 member, 136 posts
Sun 8 Mar 2020
at 16:33
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
Third time is the charm,

Under London is looking for more professional.
 member, 137 posts
Sat 6 Jun 2020
at 05:14
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
The Undercity grinds the soul and flesh of its professionals

We have room for a couple more brave soul to brace the terrors of the lands below London.
 member, 140 posts
Fri 6 Nov 2020
at 16:10
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
The game is going and stable but we have room for a couple (maybe three) more professionals.

At this time we are looking for occultists (wizards, magic user you know the type).

If you want a different concept please feel to apply it but please know that it would need to be a stellar concept for me to accept.
 member, 141 posts
Thu 26 Nov 2020
at 07:14
Old School Adventures in the London Occult Underground
Time to open the castle gate,

Under London is looking for fresh blood to chew upon, all are welcomed.
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