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Sun 27 Sep 2020
at 04:21
An Illuminated Sea [Exalted 3rd Edition]
The Second Age is drawing to a close, to be followed by either the birth of the Third Age or the cessation of all. In such a tumult, heroes and villains alike become legends.

This will be my first foray into using the Exalted 3rd Edition rules, and initially we will be running them as close to written as possible. The setting will be reasonably consistent with the books (including most 2nd Edition material) but set in the South East around the Dreaming Sea initially. A few details below.

1)The Cult of the Illuminated will be active in the area, in part as a narrative justification for me. No, your PC does not have to be a member but some interaction with them will prove unavoidable.

2)Solar, Lunar, and Terrestrial Exalts only at the start. If we get comfortable with the system or more splat-books are released this will expand.

3)There will be major plot arcs, but big chunks of sandbox play are expected.

4)I am after about eight players at the start.

5)Combat, Sorcery, negotiations, political schemes, and dozens of other avenues to power will all be more or less viable depending on situation but as Creation is dangerous I will insist on at least some basic combat proficiency to keep the PC body-count in single digits if possible. Second Edition may have made me a bit paranoid on this front.

If that sounds good click the link and fill out an RTJ.

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Mon 28 Sep 2020
at 21:54
An Illuminated Sea [Exalted 3rd Edition]
Hello. I have sent an RtJ.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Mon 28 Sep 2020
at 23:32
An Illuminated Sea [Exalted 3rd Edition]
I'll throw in a RTJ too, I have a Lunar who's surviving his best to come to a game, specially since 3e buffed them a bit in my eyes
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