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Tue 26 May 2020
at 03:48
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
Iíve been thinking about A New Hope and the overall weak story structure, convoluted plot, and disenfranchisement of Leia. While Iím a huge fan of Star Wars, I feel like a retelling would be fun from an RPG perspective.

It would start with the same basic story. Jyn Erso beams the Deathstar plans to the rebel fleet and Leia escapes in the blockade runner. Vader catches up to the ship over Tatooine, where Leia was headed to rendezvous with Kenobi. All as in the original.

But hereís where we depart. Leia, an accomplished pilot, escapes in an x-wing with R2 when the Blockade runner is caught. She plans to jump to light speed, then circle back around to meet Kenobi. But her hyperdrive is damaged in a dog fight and she has to crash land on the planet. Now sheís on the run with the plans and her droid. She finds Kenobi and heís become a drunk (perhaps he tried to train Luke and he fell to the dark side or something - or maybe he just canít get over Anakin). While nursing Kenobi back to health and trying to find a way off planet, she runs into Han and Chewie, who are being pursued by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Together they steal the Falcon, which is impounded, and blast off.

You get the idea. The setup works for 5 players: Leia, R2, Kenobi, Han, and Chewbacca. We could throw Luke in there somehow as well, depending on Kenobiís back story.

Iíd run this in d6 REUP and would encourage a collective discussion about the main characters and how they all fit together.

Anyone interested in such a thing?

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Sun 7 Jun 2020
at 05:11
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
What a splendid idea for an alternative New Hope.  I'd love to play as part of that storyline.

The Luke/Kenobi situation would bear some serious thinking out though.  I could see a LOT of ways to make that work out.
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Sun 7 Jun 2020
at 06:03
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
In reply to helvorn (msg # 2):

This is a very cool idea. I'd be interested in playing virtually any character, if you'll have me on.
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Sun 7 Jun 2020
at 07:09
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
It seems a nice idea.

That will put also Luke in a bikini and being owned by Jabba.
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Sun 7 Jun 2020
at 12:23
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
I had an idea that I halfway completed called 'upside-down Star Wars.' It would essentially be that all roles in the story would be swapped. Leia Skywalker would be raised by her uncle & aunt on Tatooine, while Luke Organa was the adopted son of the nobility of Alderaan. Old Yoda would be a hermit on Tatooine, watching over Leia. Lando and Lobot would tool around the galaxy in a tramp freighter, while Han and Chewbacca made a play at respectability.

I gave up because it became a lot of work, but if you're interested I still have my notes somewhere. rMail me.
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Sat 8 Aug 2020
at 14:44
IC: What if Leia was the Hero
I like all the ideas. I would love to play any character. What if Luke killed his father and took over serving the emperor. Now the whole conflict is between brother and sister.