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Sun 19 Jul 2020
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IC: 5e Homebrew - Dumbest Character Build Rule Set

I was going through some old YouTube videos and I came upon one that intrigued me.  It was a unique character build that involved taking at least 1 level in EVERY character class.  I thought to myself, "what if everyone had to build one of these for a campaign?"  Then, of course, I tried to come up with lots of optional rules, because that is what I do.

Is there any interest in a game like this?  I was going back and forth between starting at level 1 and starting at something mid-level.  And what about the optional rules?  Some, all, or none?  Any other optional rules I didn't have listed that you think might fit?

Feedback is always welcome, and borrowing my rules for your own use is always encouraged!
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
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IC: 5e Homebrew - Dumbest Character Build Rule Set
This sounds like it would pair well with putting the party though a bunch of adventure modules, but only ever running the first part.

Until the characters level up, then running the next bit in each one, just to give them the most boilerplate things to do and seeing what solutions they come up with since they all have so many options.
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
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IC: 5e Homebrew - Dumbest Character Build Rule Set
I would love to play in something like this. It sounds very interesting.
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
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IC: 5e Homebrew - Dumbest Character Build Rule Set
The house rules are very reasonable, indeed I have seen or used most of them even for characters with 2 or 3 classes.

I think you could do a lot of work with this game.  Starting at whatever level you consider the 'end' of the first level classes makes sense, weave it into some part of a culture.  Have all the PCs be part of a diverse training program, or a special 'Renaissance Man' kind of role in society where it is accepted behavior to trade off jobs with extreme frequency.

Perhaps most important is to not worry about getting bogged down by the question of XP by character level, run the game as an advancement by story game and presume the characters have just restarted their story 6 or 12 times.