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Sun 9 Aug 2020
at 21:35
Vampirism -Folklore/Fantasy 6-8GM

Hey guys! A bit about me first, Iíve been a GM on sites like these before and have thoroughly enjoyed my time writing and running successful stories and worlds. Iíd love to get back into that but I am currently working full time and would just like to dip my toe as per say and see what everyone thinks to my idea. I tend to write lengthy paragraphs and in detail characters, I would prefer my participants to be on the same wavelength.

I mainly love fantasy genres and more so folklores. My idea is to have a contemporary fantasy where there will be roughly 6 participators. In this world, weíre vampires who have ran around together for centuries. After a few decades the one holy rule is the deep slumber they must all take until it is safe to resurface without being hunted.

Their kind is diminishing, but when they awake in 2020 within a town/city that they hardly recognise how do they fare? And what lies beneath the surface of a fairly ordinary town/city is just waiting to be ripped open.

There is still plenty for me to work out but I just wanted to know what people thought of this idea. I donít want to get too ahead of myself and tell everything I have for plots/ideas/twists if nobody wants to do it with me. Our backstories would be intertwined in ways, there could be love triangles, backstabbing, lies and deadly fights that bring us together.

I feel like this ideas got so much potential but Iím really looking for 6-8 players that would also help me run the threads and story as GMs as I feel with such an idea we would have to be in it together.

Anyway let me know! PMs are open, thanks.

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Mon 10 Aug 2020
at 23:04
Vampirism -Folklore/Fantasy 6-8GM
*In addition to my first post.

I am happy for this to be on a smaller scale if needed say 4 people. I also want to abbreviate on wanting the players to be GMs also. If people donít think this is a great idea or fits your time schedule Iím happy to have a thread in the game solely for open discussion and plots people would like to see etc.

I know I also said Iíd like this to be freeform but if people think a light system would be better Iíd be very much open to hear your ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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 Hopepunk with a shovel
Tue 11 Aug 2020
at 10:06
Vampirism -Folklore/Fantasy 6-8GM
If you do want thoughts on the idea, then here's three things where clarification might help you net some players:

1) I have heard of GM-less games working on RPoL but never seen it myself. Every "everyone decides the setting" game I've personally observed or been in has died as soon as it gets going, usually due to someone vanishing. It's like the free ice cream problem: the more people in there, the higher the chance that everyone has to settle on vanilla as the midpoint between tastes. I advise being the GM but asking either directly for story hooks/relations towards other players in the RTJ, or asking what general sorts of plots people like in said RTJ and picking the ones that'll fit in with what would inspire you. Others who've actually seen the everyone-sets-up thing work could give you better advice on that if you were really keen to keep it, though you might need a different thread.

2) what is the tone of this game? I can't tell from the description whether it's like freeform World of Darkness or What We Do In The Shadows, and those are very different things, even assuming it's Western vampires we're talking about. Where is it set? What would folk be singing up for in general?

3) where does folklore come into it? Most folkloric vampires are described as asocial apex predators if they're discernibly sentient; they don't have friends, and devour rivals. Stoker having Dracula keep a harem was just the "sexy vampire novel" of his day...are these a collection of vampires from different traditions who don't have so much prey overlap they need to fight about it? Modern cinematic social vampires with folkloric weaknesses? Modern-style vampires, but the plot is taken from folk tales? Using the folklore of vampires being plague-bearers to have them interact with the pandemic? Are players playing actual dubiously-sentient folkloric vampires (which could be an awesome stealth/strategy game, just not a character-driven one, because 'stab Sergei with your freaky serrated tongue every night until he dies or someone puts seeds down' or 'hop onto unfortunate villagers' shadows in the moonlight until they draw a line around the entire settlement with male virgin urine and someone calls in the local Taoist priest' isn't much of a personality)? Penanggalans? Penanggalans are relatively social. I think you would get fewer people, but with higher interest (and so staying power) if you clarified which bits of folklore are being used.
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Fri 14 Aug 2020
at 03:15
Vampirism -Folklore/Fantasy 6-8GM
In reply to SimplyCrazy (msg # 1):

Seems interesting!