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Tue 25 Aug 2020
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Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
The World does not widely know about the Supernatural, however there are those few who have had their own brushes with the horrors that be. There are those who fight it because someone must do something. It could be out of sense of need to protect other's from what you have seen, it could be to save others as you could not save someone you loved, maybe you were a tool for the darkness as a child. What ever the case that brought you into this life. This is your life now.

This game will be based in a town like Arkham it will be heavily influenced by the Mythos. Only expanded outwards. Eldritch Horrors are not the only thing that haunt the dark.

Books, Movies & TV Shows
Stephen Kings whole catalog (( most notable: Children of the Corn, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, Castlerock,Carrie, Christine, Pet Sematary, Cujo...It )), Dean Koontz ( The door to Midnight, The Safe Place, The Watchers) , Lovecraft, Clive Barker (The Hellbound Heart, The Night Breed,  Wishmaster ) R.L Stine ( Pretty much anything Fear Street)

Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow,Creepshow 2, Children of Corn ( What number are they on now ? ), Rose Red, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, Annabelle, Insidious (the franchise ), The Conjuring ( The Franchise), The Amityville Movies , It, It Chapter II , Dead Silence, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night Breed, Monsters, Penny Dreadful, Penny Dreadful City of Angels, Castlerock, Haven, Christine, The Candy Man Movies, Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, American Horror Story, Channel Zero.

-Starting Points-

I want to run this with PC together and side threads where PC's can investigate things on their own as well. To do this will require background. As it would be with any horror campaign.

Welcome to Asylum MA a small and very scenic town set close to Bangor Maine, but not quiet there. You have all come here for one reason or another. It could be to look into a new life for yourself, you could be running from something, returning to the town you grew up in,  you could have inherited a home here in beautiful Asylum. A new job, or you've met the love of your life and they live here. It could be a number of reasons that have brought you here, but what ever the case it stands to be life changing.

It seems like the ravages of time have barely touched the small town. It looks like something one might see on a postcard, or in a advertisement. Every town has its secrets and Asylum's are down right deadly.

Rumors run abound in a place like this Urban Legends are whispered about by the kids of the Ravenward Elementary & Ravenward High.

Did you know old lady Mills is a witch ? She ate up Frank Wilson, that's why no one's ever seen him again.

Have you heard that Old Man Gage out by the Woods, saw a Pig Man in his woods ?

Analise Poe is a witch, she put a spell of Roger Qinn that's the only way she could get a date like that...

Only it goes deeper.

 It's often more disturbing.

I often play loosely, I am not looking for rules lawyers, this is for fun. I will be using a limited amount of books. I am more about the story then the crunch of math. Off the top of my head, the things I will allow is. Gurps Main, Horror, Thaumatology ( All magic will be path magic for this game ) , Martial Arts & Psychics.

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Tue 25 Aug 2020
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Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
I think you must mean Asylum ME (Maine) not MA (Massachusetts).
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Tue 25 Aug 2020
at 14:53
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
You can color me interested. :)
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Tue 25 Aug 2020
at 23:31
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
It sounds like my kind of premise. I would enjoy another Horror game on my list!
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
In reply to smokinbarrel (msg # 4):

I'd be interested in playing, I think.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 08:54
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Definitely interested.
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 09:59
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Definitely interested, too.
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Thu 27 Aug 2020
at 19:55
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Hmmmmm, this does look interesting.  I'll keep an eye out and look at the details.

One question - time period?  Modern day, 1920s - 30s, or what.
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
at 00:48
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
I am think 80's just to go with monster movie/ horror movie vibe of that era.
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
at 16:28
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Sounds great!
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Tue 1 Sep 2020
at 17:28
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Interested as well.
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Thu 10 Sep 2020
at 17:43
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
Any word on this?
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Mon 14 Sep 2020
at 22:28
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
I caught ill but I am willing to give this a go. Stay tuned for the RTJ link!
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Tue 15 Sep 2020
at 03:26
Gurps 4th Edition Horror [IC]
link to another game

Link to the game!