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Wed 30 Sep 2020
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Mind Explosion - Many Apologies

Iíve been toying with the idea of creating my own game that would either consist of myself and 1 other person. Or if it garners enough interest a quad group. I have several ideas that I would be happy to create a story in so Iíll list off some plot lines below.

My primary genre that I would prefer to write in is Fantasy/Supernatural. However I do like to mix with Historical, Post Apocalyptic & World Creation.

The worlds I tend to create are based off of Autumn Dawn - The Charmer (Darkland series) books. You do not need to have read these to want to be a part of it. I can give a brief description of the world it is set in etc.

I will almost always play female characters though NPC I will play males. My posting rate differs but I can usually post at least 4 times a week. I prefer to play my games in freeform though Iím open to a light system.

Plot 1- Supernatural/Fantasy pairing/quads, vampires who have been together for centuries. Hiding to save being found for who they are. However when they awake the world they wake up in is, highly unlike anything theyíve experienced before. Not even that time they were rudely awoken early from bombings in WW2.

Plot 2- Fantasy setting, duo. Two shapeshifters are mated together by the wills of clan elders. One a male alpha, the other a rule breaking rogue who despises her father for agreeing. Iíd love to play the concept of trying to find the love between two people thrust together. Perhaps some plots with jealous ex lovers or the dangerous plays of humans hoping to dig out the secrets of these people who live in the forests.

Plot 3- similar to Plot 1, however set in a previous time period. However the story line could be guiding one or the other on the journey to becoming a vampire. This plot could be played duo or quad.

Plot 4- Fantasy through and through, world creation inspired by the DarkLand Series - Autumn Dawn. This could be implemented by any type of fantasy creature. Thinking that the characters are of high nobility & a war is looming on all things magical. Can one of them save the day? This plot would probably suit quads better.

Sorry for the rambling, please let me know here or in rMail if this takes your fancy. Thank you! :)

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