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Mon 5 Oct 2020
at 21:53
System Suggestions for Co-Gming games.
Hey Rpol. I've been a player and a gm for freeform games on the site for many years. But recently I've given thought to GMing a few games with Systems but would like to know what an easy system would be to learn to make these and which systems would I only need from 1 Co-gm for?

1.) A small group superhero game of between 4-8 players where I would have the characters role for roleplaying, rescue attemps, combat, escape and investigation. Or

2.) Giant robot combat, mostly likely tournament based.

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Wed 7 Oct 2020
at 22:43
System Suggestions for Co-Gming games.
The first one you could probably do in Cypher if you wanted. Depending on how powerful the characters should be. Or Worlds in Peril.

Donít know about the mech one, Iím still trying to track down a good streamlined mech system myself.
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 01:21
System Suggestions for Co-Gming games.
https://www.d20herosrd.com/ for superheroes.

Mecha? There's a few and I feel it heavily depends on the tone. Battle Century G is pretty quick and easy, great for representing the classic tropes.
Sir Swindle
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 03:53
System Suggestions for Co-Gming games.
If you are coming from a free form background then maybe something like FATE would be easy to pick up?