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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 09:27
IC: Project Dreamland  (Pulp/Conspiracy/Experimental)
Project Dreamland is an experimental RPG in which the players play a group of investigators trying to unravel the true nature of Project Dreamland, a mysterious world-spanning grand conspiracy.

What makes this game somewhat unique is that at the beginning of the game no one, include the GM, knows what the conspiracy is, and instead it is slowly pieced together by following rumors generated by the players themselves (the players, not the characters)

The game has a very strict scene structure and elaborate mechanics for generating and resolving an escalating series of rumors, and determining which ones are true, which are false, a red-herring or even a trap, and how it all ties together in the end into a more or less coherent story. So while the the players have some sort of narrative control, they are still left in the dark regarding the "truth"

The setting itself is also quite flexible, and it can be modern/supernatural/aliens, historical, or even fantasy or futuristic.

I think the game would lend itself well to an online format with some small modifications.

* As far as I know this game is not available in English so if I run this game I will present the relevant rules and give instructions as needed.

If anyone is interesting in trying such a game, or have questions about the game itself, let me know. It will need 3-5 involved players.

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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 10:10
IC: Project Dreamland  (An experimental RPG)
This sounds very intriguing.

Somehow, it reminds me of the U.K. TV Series 'Utopia' (although the conspiracy in that one became apparent fairly early on into the series and it got very, very dark by series 2).
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 19:06
IC: Project Dreamland  (An experimental RPG)
A group of comic book fans following a thread of clues (real or imagined) found in comic books is indeed a possible setting for this.
The actual setting will be decided upon by the players as part of the setup phase. It can be anything from a professional group of paranormal investigators to a book club, to a group of space cadets or magic school students suspecting something is very wrong with the world.