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Sun 11 Oct 2020
at 04:30
IC: Napoleonic Naval Chronical
Hoping to gauge interest in a GURPS 4th Edition game set at the dawn of the 19th century.

The game would aim for historical accuracy, but not to an excessive degree. The characters may be involved in major historical events, and could even have the potential to alter the course of history going forward.

The game would require players to have a superior grasp of the English language, and would require a basic knowledge, or a willingness to learn, about the societal conventions and culture of the period.

This game would roughly adhere to the notions of the period, including prevalent racism, sexism, colonial expansion, and class distinctions. The characters would of course be free to hold their own views on these and any other matter, but the players should expect these concepts to be widespread.

The game would revolve around a group of young Midshipman in the service of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The characters would start their careers together, and likely stay together for many years, forming relationships between themselves, their shipmates, pursuing their education and developing prospects.

The game would likely start with a limited but "deep" cast of characters represented by the ships crew. Chapters would be broken up by individual threads between voyages as character return home to family, attend to situations at home, convalesce, or take up pursuits in-between commissions.

If the game is successful and long running, possibilities may open up down the line for characters to pursue things like promotion into their own ships, and expansion of the game to take on additional players in various roles.

Ideally this chronical would cover several years of the characters lives, and include travel to far off and "exotic" locations. "Time jumps" of months or more are planned to help "get to the action" and other important events, and to move the timeline along.

Combat in the GURPS system is unforgiving, and interested parties should expect a degree of "Risk vs Reward" and the possibility of their characters being maimed, killed or traumatized during the course of the chronicle. Mechanics will be in place to avoid characters being killed "out of hand" in action. In other words, do not expect to put in years of play only to have characters killed unexpectedly by a stray bit of grapeshot. It would be a collective story, not a "mil-sim"

This would be an Adult rated game in order to include graphic violence and other Adult situations. This game would not include graphic sex scenes. Given that the characters would likely be minors at the start of the game, it is of vital importance to reference the RPoL Adult Games Policy.

If there is enough interest here, I may set up a game where further discussion can be held on character creation, rule sets, etc. Please keep this thread clear of those sorts of specifics per the GPIA Rules.

Thanks for your time.

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Mon 12 Oct 2020
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IC: Napoleonic Naval Chronical
I would love it but I also have played Wooden Ships & Iron Men and enjoy the various historical fiction of the era ( Hornblower, Aubrey, ect).

For a game that might have combat( and quite a bit), I would not do GURPS in a PbP game.  Powered by Apocalypse would work out well.  It leaves it up to the GM for how forgiving it needs to be in any situation.  Alas for the Awful Sea Has rules for the era in the game engine.

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Mon 12 Oct 2020
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IC: Napoleonic Naval Chronical
Thanks for the interest jebrick, I'll note you down as interested.

GURPS will be the system in use as I find it translates well to the non-combat aspects of the game I have in mind. Status, rank, allies, connections, the intricacies of naval skill, etc.

If a player was to wish to play an especially martial character, who always expected to be at the fore of a boarding party for example, they would stand to gain great renown or reward, at great risk. For characters for are looking to simply "do their duty" the risks would be far more moderate.

It would be up to the player how much risk they are willing to take on with their characters, and why.