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Sat 17 Oct 2020
at 16:07
Advice needed: Masks - Janus and their identity.
I'm running a game of Masks, and I've made it clear since the inception: I would not mess with anyone's 'secret identity' unless they themselves made it happen. I did, however, caveat that the Janus' secret identity is an important part of how their playbook worked, and thus I -might- press against it some.

In last night's game, the Janus decided to teleport across a swimming pool at a teen party. I very succinctly told the player, "This will reveal your secret identity. Are you sure you want to do this." And they said yes.

After the teleportaion (and the punching of one of the antagonists, a school bully), she managed to make sure that no one there had taken a picture or video of the proceedings, but then she left.

The character is one of the 'power players' of the school (A mean girl with a heart). There are students who now know what she can do.

The thing is, I was always sort-of under the impression that the Janus was a character archetype for whom playing with the 'secret identity' was a core part of it, and now she's given it away. I'm not real sure how to go forward with that, as I think it has to be something with important consequences, but consequences that aren't just going to sideline her from participating in the game.

I could use some advice.
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Sat 17 Oct 2020
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Advice needed: Masks - Janus and their identity.
I think it really depends on what sort of genre you're playing with in the game.  Is this a sort of "heroes fitting into regular high school" situation?  If so, you could play up aspects that would work within that genre.  Was there a hidden camera?  Did evidence get leaked to a person that had a beef with this character from somewhere in history because she threw her weight around?  Well, now she's receiving anonymous blackmail texts from an "outcast" schoolkid anonymously requiring her to jump through hoops to get them to not leak it to the press and now she has to track down who they are before she's totally outed!

There are a lot of ways to play this up that you can turn into entire arcs or subplots if you want to!  I look at them as opportunities.