OOC On Vacation/Leave/Ect.   Posted by Wheel of Time.Group: 0
Wheel of Time
 GM, 1 post
Wed 3 Feb 2016
at 13:58
OOC On Vacation/Leave/Ect.
If going on vacation, leave, ect. post here.

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Dan Mantrose
 Borderlander Armsman, 2 posts
Wed 10 Jul 2019
at 23:49
OOC On Vacation/Leave/Ect.
Still working on the character and all, but figured I'd toss this out for as advanced a warning as possible: Will be on Vacation from July 27 through August 4th. May be able to check in at least once a day depending on connectivity (will be on a cruise ship). Will try to at least check in every other day at worst (if I can), but figured I'd give as much notice as possible. :)