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@-OOC-@ Request to Join
The Wheel of Time turns and will do so forever. Shadowspawn begin to emerge from the Blight, heading into the populated lands! Dark creatures bent on destroying the world begin to creep up! Rumors of the Dragon being reborn filter across the land!

Book 1
Every person does not have to start in the same area.

Note: Game is not Saga. Free-Form.

Name (First/Last name):
Race: Human (Need a Background for this) Ogier, or Trolloc (Good):
Class (Example Wilder, Initiate, Warrior, ect):
Occupantion (Basically or none):

Weapon 1 (Main):
Weapon 2 (Side Arm):
Ranged Weapon (If you want):
Armor (If any):

3 Skills you are good with:

3 Skills you are bad with:

Weaves (Up to the DM-depending if your a Wilder or a initiate)

Why are you adventuring?:
A post (Be it for this game, ect.):

I will allow Aiel.
I am not allowing any Seanchan.
I will allow Ogier.


Looking for:

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