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Sat 1 Jul 2017
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Chronicles of Darkness: Mage the Awakening - Ley Line Issue
So I can't figure this out... I am playing a Prime mage and I am wracking my brain trying to decipher what good are Ley Lines in this game? Are they purely spots that let the ST tell you where stuff is? Cuz that is all I am getting.

Before this rant really gets started lets dump what information I have:

"Systems: Spells cast at a ley line may harvest its Resonance, and
when a ley line intersects a Hallow, any tass collected from it possesses that Resonance. Resonance can typically be described by a keyword that describes an image, emotion, or theme, such as “Subterranean,” “Wrathful,” or “Ichthyoid.” When a sorcerer spends Mana from this tass on a spell where the effect or manifestation matches the stored Resonance (“Ichthyoid” for growing gills, for instance), it suffuses her Nimbus, allowing a Persona Yantra worth one die.

Prime spells manipulate ley lines by moving them, creating them, or altering their Resonance. Certain Spirit spells manipulate Resonance as well. See the descriptions of those Arcana for details.

In addition, as a place where Supernal and Fallen energies join, a Node is “charged” with power related to one gross Arcanum connected to its Resonance traits. Each point of tass from a Hallow with a Node carries just one of the Node’s Resonance types, but such a Hallow can generate a different type of tass for each of them. These types may not look significantly different to the naked eye, but reveal their differences to Prime and Spirit
Unveiling magic.

A Node also provides the following benefits within an area of roughly 100 yards per contributing ley line to anyone who casts the Prime spell “Sacred Geometry” or an Unveiling spell to examine the energies linked to that Arcanum."

Now I will admit the Sacred Geometry benefits are okay, Forces providing infinite electricity and matter healing inanimate things is neat. But that is it, its just okay.

Sure you can "Harvest their resonance" but that is actually just a handful of words without any meaning. Like, cool okay I can harvest some Resonance... that will be useful later when I need to... resonate. It probably means to say that I can get essence from it, but Essence isn't a Mage thing. Now if it means I can spend mana from it then sign me right up.

Like as a Prime Mage I can choose to change these things but I have literally no indication as to what that means and my ST decided to get all cute about it and be like "Despite having an Occult rating of 5, specialization in the study of your own magical culture, the Ability to do the thing and see its results you in no way have any indication as to what this thing will actually do and no way to find out without just doing it" most likely because unlike he said ahead of starting the game he doesnt actually want to read the book.

Now I mean I can do that whole "If you use mana from this you can get a +1 Persona Yantra" but when I have a +3 Shadow Name, and the ability to use some like 9 or so +2 or +3 other yantra, not to mention Rote Mundras for up to +5 why in the world would I ever waste one of my Yantra slots on a +1 Persona?

Are they supposed to be useless? Are they written like the Shuriken from DnD 3.5 that does 1 damage? Like I am not understanding this at all...
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Sun 3 Sep 2017
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Chronicles of Darkness: Mage the Awakening - Ley Line Issue

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