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Sat 27 Jun 2020
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(IC) The End or the Beginning?
The woodlands were quiet. For the first time there was no enemies, no one needing protection. It was peaceful. The duegar were quiet, working away inside the Forge. They made amends with the group and let them go in peace-at least for now. It was a good time to embark back to town. And everyone seemed happy and content. When the mayor arrived he held a celebration for the group as they accomplished something he didn't expect. A massive party came after. Everyone was happy and full of joy. The group had their time to rest and regroup. And there was the final piece of the puzzle. What happened to the smith's remakable belongings? Would they keep what they had obtained or trade them to Baron Althon? Hard to say. But he did state they can keep them or give them to him for a price he was willing to provide. He waited as they came to him, crossing his arms and waited to see what they decided upon.

OOC So there was:
+2 Dwarven Waraxe
+1 Bastard Sword
Masterwork Handeaxe
Masterwork Warhammer.

I will say good job! If some of these items weren't found I can say the duegar provided them. I believe the sword and axe were found but don't think the handaxe or the warhammer were discovered so I will say they were given to the group.

Landor Halbrek
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Tue 30 Jun 2020
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(IC) The End or the Beginning?
Landor enjoyed the party, but not too much in an effort to keep his piety intact. When the issue of the Dwarven weapons was brought up, he had no issue with selling them to someone who could really appreciate their history. “Unless one of the others wishes to keep any of them, I am fine with selling them for a good offer.”
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Tue 30 Jun 2020
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(IC) The End or the Beginning?
Gar, the trip back, had seemed quiet in some internal struggle. His fight with the dragon had shown him his strengths of batyle was great, but at a range he was near useless.

This doubt had awakened something in him he had only felt as a child.

...some strange power.

He looked at the priest when he spoke and managed a weak smile. "The dwarven axe us better suited for Thoren. I could use it, but only two handed effectively, and even though it is enchanted, it is smaller than my axe and will do less damage."

He contemplated the bastard sword and the warhammer, the hammer solely as a ranged weapon, but dismissed it.

"Let us sell the rest...perhaps the town has some magic suited for my ways."
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Tue 30 Jun 2020
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(IC) The End or the Beginning?
Thoren was at a loss he still had no idea how he had ended up in the stasis box or how long he had been inside. He worried that he had an enemy waiting for him that he did not even know. He was pulled back into the present when Gar brought up the dwarven ax. Yes the ax would make me a much better combatant in a fight, and if Gar truly does not want it I would gladly except it.

When the party got to town Thoren was instantly swept into the festive atmosphere, and broke into song pounding away at his drum every opportunity he got.

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(trying to make a little extra coin while we all party)
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Wed 1 Jul 2020
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(IC) The End or the Beginning?
Baron meets with the group. He offers you three different amounts, one per item. The samurai isn't with the group for some reason.

+2 Dwarven Waraxe-Kepted by the dwarf
+1 Bastard Sword-Willing to offer you 2500 gold so 500 per person
Masterwork Handeaxe-Offers 500 gold so 100 gold/apierce
Masterwork Warhammer-Offers 500 gold so 100 gold/apierce

Elsewhere Tai isn't at the party. He sits alone on top of one of the buildings looking in deep thought and resting his blade across his lap as he sits indian-style looking out amongst the people below.

There's a blacksmith as well as several other people who arrive upon carts and whatnot. Once the baron is talk to, they are provided rooms and meals whenever they want it, free ale and everything else. For how long, remains unseen but at least its a few days rest and time to cope.