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(OOC) Introduction
The legend of the smith Durgeddin the Black is well known in this region. In each of the small, scattered towns you’ve passed through, you’ve heard stories of wondrous treasure hidden in long-lost dwarven vaults and a pitiless war of vengeance between dwarf and orc a hundred years past. Durgeddin was a master smith who forged blades of surpassing quality and power. Centuries ago, Durged din’s home was sacked by orcs. Durgeddin led the remnants of his clan to a new stronghold in the mountains north of the town of Blasingdell and established a small, secret stronghold somewhere in the trackless wilderness. From his hidden redoubt, he waged a decades-long vendetta against all orc-kind, until one day his enemies discovered his fortress and attacked it. Durgeddin and his followers perished, and much wealth was carried away by the conquering hordes. But it’s said that the deepest and best-hidden vaults and armories escaped the looting, and that some of Durgeddin’sextraordinary blades still wait in the darkness for a
hand bold enough to claim one. You’ve come to Blasingdell, a small mining town on the northern frontier, to see if there’s anything to these stories. Your map shows that the old dwarfhold lies about three days’ march to the north of the town. Dark, deeply forested hills rise beyond the town’s out skirts.
(This is known to the group)