(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.   Posted by Rokugan.Group: 0
 GM, 6 posts
Mon 13 May 2019
at 00:03
(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.
If going away, on leave, ect. post here and or send Rokugan a message. Thanks!
Setsuko Osagai
 Dragon Monk, 17 posts
Fri 5 Jul 2019
at 20:28
(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.
In reply to Rokugan (msg # 1):

Will be away until Sunday.
Setsuko Osagai
 Dragon Monk, 18 posts
Tue 9 Jul 2019
at 21:57
(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.
Okay, I'm back for sure. :)
Setsuko Osagai
 Dragon Monk, 32 posts
Wed 21 Aug 2019
at 06:50
(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.
As of Friday the 23rd I will be away from all technology on a trip into the great outdoors until the following Monday the 26th.
Setsuko Osagai
 Dragon Monk, 47 posts
Wed 9 Oct 2019
at 00:22
(OOC) Away/On Leave/ect.
After tonight, I will likely be without computer/net access for the next few days. I will try to get off a post or two before then. Seems my local power company has scheduled power outages for my entire county for the next few days.