(IC) Corusant: Jedi Temple Training Area.   Posted by The Force.Group: 0
The Force
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 13:17
(IC) Jedi Temple Training Area
The training area is pretty impressive. Some padawans sit in meditation as well as some are training with flying droids. A ithorian sits and talks with them about the training that will need to be done as well as tips and tactics if one must use the lightsaber. A healer is in this room, watching and waiting if things go bad but with training sabers and with the droids on stun, it probably will not happen but always good if the need comes to it. Its obvious theres fewer knights but with the war brewing its innevitable. Some masters and knights perish leaving their padawans without teachers or knights who may end up taking another one. Its a tough decision but some knights do show padawans what they know even if not their teachers
Jacen Dasa
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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 20:08
(IC) Jedi Temple Training Area
Jacen Dasa strides into the training area with a purpose.  Sizing up the extra-large gymnasium-size area.  His master was out on assignment and she asked him to remain on Coruscant.  Seeing as the Jedi council had not asked him of anything yet, he decided now would be a good time for training.

He grabbed a training lightsaber off the wall and walked over to a stationary droid.  It was only programmed to perform basic attacks and defenses, a good way to warm up.