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Sun 21 Jun 2020
at 04:02
(IC) The Forest

Bird scattered through the woodlands as something stirs. Several people slowly awaken, several feet apart. It seems like a normal forest but something feels off but no one knows what it is.

Halgrim Goldbrew
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Sun 21 Jun 2020
at 05:39
(IC) The Forest
A dwarf sits bolt upright with a shout. "AHHH! I'll take ya all at once. Or one at a time!" He hollers getting clumsily to his feet and raising his fists. The dwarf spins in circles throwing punches at the air as he keeps yelling blue bloody murder.

"Think ya kin take a son of the Goldbrewer's clan unawares?! Think again ya...!" He keeps spinning and yelling for a few more seconds as it dawns on him no one is attacking him. "Ya....ya...Ummm..." He turns a bright shade of red at his own outburst.

 He looks around at the others for a moment before puffing out his chest and declaring  "Well scared them off did I?!" He laughs heartily at nothing as he sheepishly rubs the back of his head.

"Wait..., who are you lot?" As he eyes the others one bushy eyebrow rises. "This be the oddest kidnappin' I ever did see!" He shakes his head in disbelief. "Look it, if you lot are in some cult or another I gave at the temple. And the almhouse. So no need ta take an honest dwarf out in the middle of nowhere."
Springdale Silverleaf
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Tue 23 Jun 2020
at 23:13
(IC) The Forest
Springdale lays on his back looking up at the sky.
So much had happen and most of it made little sense to him.
All he could do was think of the last few second before he had arrived here.

Ce oveeracom erch.  T str ti.  Un eraourtiorom evchwe lo iengck ilce ng ereevemenard.  Ec O sa icsina ounhoulin.
He says.

For a few minutes he simply takes in the air, the smells of the forest and enjoy what he believed had been taken from him.
Then slowly he raises himself up to sit and look around him.

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 Ratfolk Fighter, 3 posts
Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 12:39
(IC) The Forest
The warrior slowly gets up, rubbing the side of his head. Tilting his head, he adjusts the battle mask hiding it and winces. Slowly, he gets up and grabs his sword. His tail shoots up and he glances at the dwarf and elf. Rikkan checks for his gear and realizes he has it all seems to relax. He moves towards them, and fully stands up.

To a whole 3'-6"

Marianne Gilbert
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Wed 24 Jun 2020
at 21:53
(IC) The Forest
Marianne awoke with a start. Her heart was beating like a drum, and she had a thousand images flashing through her mind, but it was like she couldn't quite piece them together. Scarlet, a flash of silver, and then yellow. What an odd nightmare. It'd felt so real.

She tried to sit up- frowning a little at the strange heavy sensation she felt. She was dressed in a sapphire-blue travelling cloak which had been put away in favour of mourning clothes months ago, and- a bag? Her bag. And her mother's old sword- What was that doing down from it's mount above the fire? What on earth was going on?

"What in Shelyn's name- who..." She glanced around at the strangers, "Who on earth are you? Where are we?"
 Ratfolk Fighter, 4 posts
Thu 25 Jun 2020
at 16:09
(IC) The Forest
Furrowing his brow, the masked creature looks over at the girl and places a hand to his leather covered chest. The tail still moving around here and there.