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Request: World of Darkness 5e   [last]praguepride314:00, Wed 03 June by jase
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Bug? Unable to send private lines to my NPCs   [last]SunRuanEr520:41, Wed 22 Apr by SunRuanEr
Bug in Edit Private Groups page on r.rpol.netZag24005:14, Sun 19 Apr by the author
Feature request:  Game Announcements   [last]Zag24104:37, Sun 19 Apr by Zag24
Saving game threads as read only files offline   [last]JollyJormungandr622:16, Fri 13 Mar by evileeyore
A Couple of Observations (minor)EvilGenius012:39, Thu 27 Feb by the author
Suggestion - TooltipsImladir002:57, Tue 25 Feb by the author
GM Feature   [last]drew0500400:08, Thu 06 Feb by drew0500
Locking threads = Auto-Archiving?   [last]SunRuanEr513:08, Tue 07 Jan by Gaffer
Adding adv/disadv and rerolls to the manual/embed die roller   [last]Escribblings1220:54, Fri 20 Dec 2019 by horus
Dice roller request (separate options for parts of a roll)   [last]Flint_A111:29, Fri 20 Dec 2019 by Escribblings
Theme is inconsistent   [last]Jobe00802:21, Wed 18 Dec 2019 by Thebadgamer98
Formatting Buttons for Scratchpadeldarin42015:45, Sat 16 Nov 2019 by the author
Character sheets in bugged?   [last]Chernobyl301:18, Wed 23 Oct 2019 by nauthiz
Odd rmail errorsteelsmiter002:51, Sat 19 Oct 2019 by the author
Die Roller Fate   [last]Ski-Bird821:01, Sat 05 Oct 2019 by Ski-Bird
Earthdawn 4e DiceUtsukushi021:23, Wed 02 Oct 2019 by the author
If wishes were fishes; Marked Thread Unread Button   [last]evileeyore904:49, Sun 15 Sept 2019 by Skald
Embed Die Rolls in Posts?   [last]LonePaladin2007:58, Sun 08 Sept 2019 by jase
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