Talitha Deschain
When Talitha started working for Mr Deschain, she was nothing more than a lost kid that lived in the streets and got whatever she could from breaking into houses, and Mr Deschain was an old man that worked as a gunsmith and had very good hearing and a very light sleep.

She broke into Mr Deschain studio trying to get anything she could sell for a few coins and got fascinated by the beauty of the weapons that were there being crafted, specially by the old one that suddenly appeared in her face when Mr Deschain appeared from nowhere and pointed it at her.

She tried to make up for the mess she had made and he saw something in her, so she started working for him in the gun factory and eventually became like a daughter to the old man, to a point she took his surname.

He didnít just teach her how to craft, maintain and love fire weapons as the piece of art they are, but also to use them with a level of skill difficult to compare. And to never aim, shoot or kill with her hand, and to use instead her eye, mind and heart to do it.